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Bleeding Ear Studios has 3 acoustically designed rooms.


Rates for rehearsals are £12 p/h or £42 for 4 hours. This includes use of drum kit, 2 guitar amps, bass amp and microphones/PA 

We are happy to take block bookings so you can have the same slot each week.

We also offer storage space for equipment at £5 per week, per band (regardless of how much is being stored)


We require 48 hours notice for cancellations otherwise you will owe for the session.

Rehearsal studios essex


PA systems
3x Wharfedale PA

Guitar amps
3x Fender Frontman 212r (100w combo)
1x Marshall G100RCD (100w head)
1x Marshall MG100HDFX (100w combo)
1x Marshall G80RCD (80w combo)
Marshall 1936 JCM900 Cab
Marshall MG series 4x10 Cab
1x Peavey Bandit 112 (80w combo)
1x Peavey Bandit 112sx (cab)


Rehearsal studios essex
Rehearsal studios essex

Bass amps
1x Ashdown Mag300 (300w head)
1x Ashdown 4x10 (cab)
1x Ashdown 180 Electric Blue (180w Combo)
1x Ashdown five fifteen (100w combo)

Drum kits
Pearl Forum kit
Mapex V series kit
Premier Royale kit

Pearl Export kit

A range of Shure, AKG, Sennheiser, Behringer and Warfedale microphones.


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