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Recording Studio

Bleeding Ear Studios offer high quality recording services. Using only the best equipment in the industry. Having opened for recordings in March 2013, we are dedicated to producing high quality at affordable prices.


We offer £175 for an 8 hour day or £25 p/hr (use of our amps/drum kits available if required).

Discounts for booking multiple days

Recording studios essex
recording studios essex
Recording studios essex
Studio Equipment


PC running Pro Tools HD 8

Avid Digidesign 192 interface

Apogee AD16x converters

Universal Audio UAD-2



40:8:2 A&H Saber console

1x BAE 500 series rack

1x Classic API VP28

2x Classic API VP312

1x Chandler TG2-500

2x Golden Age Project Pre-73

Universal Audio 1176

Little Labs multi Z pip

HHB Burnit 830



Sonodyne SM100ak monitors

Alesis M1mk2 monitors

Bayerdynmic DT100 headphones

3x Sennheiser headphones 

Extreme Isolation EX-29 headphones



UAD plugins

Waves plugins

Eventide plugins

Avid plugins

Moog plugins



Royer 121


Blue Bluebird

2x AKG C5600

2x Cascade Fat Head - moddified with Lundhal transformers

3x Audio Technica U851R

Shure Beta 52

2x Shure Beta 57

Shure SM57

Shure SM58

AKG D880

Sennheiser e604

2x Audix F10

recording studios essex
recording studios essex
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